Closet Renovation – Part 1

Alison’s side 1 – BEFORE

This was our master walk in closet a couple of days after we moved in — gross, right? We did not have enough space to fold nor hang everything, so we had to come up with a solution and so started our first project.

We headed to Home Depot to pick up a few pieces from the ClosetMaid Closet Systems set in white. We spent around $400 on the supplies, drawers, rods and cabinets and I believe it was totally worth it. Read below to see what we used and the after picture!

Jake’s side – BEFORE

We first started with Jake’s (one) side of the closet since it was going to be the easiest. We purchased this set for him and took about an hour for us to completely set up. We built the shelving units first and then assembled them to the walls. Once that was completed, we then installed the rods. Eventually I would like to change out the rods with either dark wood or black ones — what do you think?!

Jake’s side – AFTER

As you can see, he has plenty of room now to store his clothing and belongings. I tried to convince him that we should purchase cabinet doors for his side, but he declined of course — he wants to make things easier, not more complicated! LOL

Now came for my two sides of the closet. We purchased this fixture for side one and the same fixture as Jake’s for side two. Here are some of the cabinet doors we also purchased: Large top cabinet doors, skinny drawers and large drawers.

Alison’s side 1 AFTER

Last was the third part of our closet. We put together and installed the same system that Jake has on his side. I also wanted to have some smaller shelves, but I am hoping to eventually buy some cabinet doors to cover them up.

Alison’s side 2 – BEFORE (excuse the mess!)
Alison’s side 2 – AFTER

As you can see, everything is much more organized and we can easily find everything we want. Part 2 involves some minor changes such as: painting or applying ship lap, adding a chandelier, changing the knobs, changing the rods and purchase matching hangers. This project all in all took us about 2 days to complete and I’m so grateful that we did this because I can’t stand wire shelving!

What are your thoughts?! What extra projects do you think we should conquer?!

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