Shoes or no shoes?

When I moved in with Jake, we were living in a small duplex in downtown Savannah, GA and certainly did not have enough storage. When we moved into our home last year, we discussed whether or not we would allow shoes inside the house and it was interesting! He thought the idea of taking off his shoes BEFORE he got inside was weird and then he didn’t understand how I would be able to put together my outfits if my shoes were in the garage! LOL

I was raised with the “no shoes in the house” rule so I didn’t mind it. In fact, it was something I had to get used to when I moved in with Jake — I was always in the habit of taking my shoes off at the door, when I didn’t need to and couldn’t leave them by the door. So we both agreed, or actually, I convinced Jake to try the no shoes rule out first. LOL So, we went to Lowe’s to purchase this storage cabinet which cost about $120 and it’s so worth it!

I unfortunately did not take any pictures DURING the installation as we were moving too quickly!

We put together the storage cabinet, which was fairly easy and took little time with both of us helping. We configured the design a bit to what would best suit our needs, which meant that we needed to purchase additional shelves, which also meant we needed to make another trip to Lowe’s. Once we cut and installed the additional shelves, we were able to organize our shoes inside. Unfortunately, Jake was only able to secure the top shelf for his shoes while I needed the rest of the shelves for mine! LOL

Here is the finished product — what do you think?! We loved this storage cabinet SO much that we ended up purchasing another one a few days later for our beach, pool and garden supplies. It’s MONTHS later and we recently talked about purchasing another one for some extra storage — we just love the way it looks so clean and organized in our garage!

So, do you and your family allow shoes in the house?! Leave a comment below.

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